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“Would’ve been useful if we’d grabbed some armor off those Marshguards we tied up,” Walter mutters. “Could disguise someone as a guard and act like they’re chasing a few of us. That’d likely pull at least one of these guys away. Then we could trap ’em, and use the diversion to slip through.”

“I don’t think we could have gotten much off without untying them. Too much risk,” Jackson says.

“Wait, do we really need uniforms for that?” you ask. “The lights don’t reach everywhere. We could just have someone yell from somewhere dark. I doubt they’d look too closely into who was yelling until they caught us.”

“That sounds safer than the outer paths,” Dean agrees. “Worst case is that we get caught, which we’re trying to do regardless. It’s just safer if we get caught further along.”

“Let’s get a bit more detailed,” Mary says. “Jackson can set up some rope traps, and Walter could lie in wait in case someone slips past the traps. We need someone to yell, someone to run… and someone ready to sneak past when the guards are diverted. Just in case the rest of us don’t get a good chance.”

“I think I should slip past,” Dean says. “Our cover story has me assuming the most risk, after all. So that leaves Mary and Marshall. One of you yells, one of you runs. Which will it be?”

Which position will you take? Or do you have any objections to the plan as suggested?

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you cant risk getting caught by marshguards and your comrades overhearing about your father until you have completed your mission, so running seems like the better position.