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You’ve just about settled on who you think you should ask and started thinking about how you’re going to contact them, when you notice a patrolling knight.

You slip down and decide it’s best to just give them warning. They turn towards you…

“Marshall? What are you doing here?”

It’s Lisa Black. Good. You wonder why she’s out – if she’s on a repair squad, she would have been busy today. Indeed, she looks like she hasn’t had much sleep. But you don’t have time to dwell on it.

“Long story. I’ll make it quick. Marshguards are attacking.”

“Shit. Is Rider with them?”

“Yes. But, look, long story short, I made a deal with Mudviper – yeah, she’s escaped. She’s going to try to divert them by telling them we sent an infiltration force. So, I have to get some knights over there in order to make her story look good. Knights who are going to get captured.”

“If you’re looking for volunteers, I’ll take you up on that…”

“No. I appreciate it, but you’re repair squad, you’ve got work to do here. Get back to base and warn them. I want you to ask Mary Baker and Walter to meet me at the Rock – I’m sure they’ll agree. Then ask Jackson, he knows his way around the swamp. And may as well ask Stacy, if you can wake her up.” You pause. “Do you think Dean would go?”

“I’d have a hard time keeping him away. He’s been worried all day about the Marshguards attacking over the poison; it was his idea.”

“Right. And Tom Ninth was captured not long ago… I guess there’s your friend, too, but I don’t know her. Um, maybe Mark Conchway or Tom Tenth if someone else doesn’t agree. That’s all the thoughts I have, I’m kind of rushed right now.”

“Got it. Don’t worry, I’ll pass it along.”

You head to the Rock and wait. Before long, Mary, Walter, Dean, and Jackson show up. You see two other figures behind them, but can’t quite make them out.

Who are the last two?

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And tom eighth..? He seems to be carrying a box like the one you saw in his room, but larger, and actually smiling about how he’s never gotten to try “this one” in a combat setting before


One is Tom Tenth. He appears to be unarmed except for a shield large enough to be be a raft. The arm carrying it doesn’t have any armor on. Wait what’s that symbol on his arm? Why does he have the same tattoo as Walter?