Swamped Chapter 111 Page 9

“I don’t know yet, exactly. Have to meet with someone before I can be sure. Oh, and probably pick up that mask.”

They both react slightly when you mention a mask. Interesting.

“Well, if you’ve got a meeting, best to get there soon, right?” Stanley laughs nervously. “Sorry we kept you. Good luck!”

“Now, if you’re done, can we get back to our conversation?” Julia growls. You’re not sure what she thinks. May still have to be careful. Still, the hospital’s not far.

You make your way back, and go through the front. Luckily, it’s still unlocked. The night doctor was probably too busy to notice.

“And who exactly are you, barging in at this hour?” someone asks.

Oh dear. It’s one of the night nurses. You’ve been gone for a good while, so they must have arrived.

“I’m a patient. But I’ve recovered already, so I’ve been helping the doctor out, as things got a bit busy tonight. Shouldn’t need to as much now that you’re here, I’m sure.”

“And he needed something outside the building?” the nurse asks. He seems pretty skeptical. Not unreasonably.

“Well, there have been a few other things that came up, and I’m a curious sort. If you bring me to the doctor, he can confirm…”

“He’s busy,” the nurse says.

“Oh! Yes, that would make sense. I asked him to look at something, so I suppose he might have started on that.”

“No, something came up with one of the patients. Something that required his attention. So I’m not going to interrupt him to ask him if some crazy old man is his friend.”

Ah. Then perhaps you need to try another approach here.

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