Swamped Chapter 11 Page 12

You start by thinking about the tunnels the greatrats used… but you weren’t there yourself, so you aren’t actually sure if they lead outside. Even if they do, greatrats (and burrowers, for that matter) are more flexible than they look, so the passages might not be wide enough for the two of you. Plus, if they are, that’s an opening the Marshguards might exploit against you later.

You then ponder going over the walls.

There aren’t a lot of windows in the base – probably due to the rainspawn, and for that matter, the actual rain. But you do recall seeing a few lookout points with shutters, and come to think of it, one of them was near the tree you climbed when…

You shudder a little, which doesn’t escape Mudviper’s notice.

“Are you going to make yourself useful, or just shake like a coward?” she hisses at you.

“Sorry, bad memories,” you say. “I’ll be fine. There’s a lookout post on the floor above, with a tree just outside the window.”

She glances at the arm you no longer have.

“I can manage that, but what about you?”

She has a point. The last time you tried climbing down something, you ended up in the infirmary. Being injured while sneaking out with an enemy officer is something you’d rather avoid.

Do you take the risk, or do you have some other idea for how you can get out?

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whether you can manage it or not, it’s your only option. looking on the bright side, maybe it will help you get the hang of climbing with one arm


You can probably make it down and it is unlikely she wants you injured (makes crossing the swamp difficult)

“Yeah. I’m good at going down things, what with gravity and all. Though I might need you to catch me.”


consider maybe taking of your shoes for more foot grip action when climbing

always helps me lol