Swamped Chapter 11 Page 10

You decide to wait.

Before long, the noise stops, just as you see someone else run in. Then you hear a shriek, but only briefly.

Well. This sounds like trouble. You decide to slip in, and see what’s going on. You look around, and when you’re satisfied no one else is coming, you quietly slip into the cell block.

And then you see two knights on the floor, and Mudviper standing around with the keys. Seems you didn’t need to come up with a plan after all.

“Come on, Viper, let us out too,” says one of the other Marshguards. You think that’s the one you hit with the box.

“You two will be fine. They haven’t identified either of you, and even if they did, Kroska tends to be satisfied with knowing their criminals are stuck in a swamp. They’ll let at least one of you out at the next prisoner exchange… and I expect that will be happening rather soon.”

She suddenly looks right where you’re hiding. Does she know you’re there?

“I knew it was a bad idea sneaking in here,” the other Marshguard grumbles.

“You’re just sore because you got knocked down first.”

“Both of you, be quiet. I’d prefer not to have to knock out another guard, it’s inconvenient.”

She starts walking out as the other two sulk. You quickly slip back through the door, though it’s probably too late. You need to take a moment to process this.

It’s a moment you don’t get. Mudviper soon grabs you by the throat – you don’t even hear her coming.

“Marshall Laikenne, correct?”

“Y…yes,” you say weakly. She knows your last name… she must know who your father is, at the very least. But can she really take you to him?

“Good. Now, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I’m going to take you to the Marsh Fortress. I can do this either with your cooperation, or without. Which way is it going to be, Marshall?”

How are you going to respond?

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“Why do you think I’m here? To fight you?”

With cooperation!!
and then ask how she knows your last name

Cooperate, but keep the map hidden, and dispose of it when you get the chance. You don’t want marshguards knowing too much about the base. Guide her to the nearest exit. There will be guards, but Viper’s shock gloves can knock them out…oh yeah you should probably get her stuff first.