Swamped Chapter 11 Page 9

If the Marshguards really are after you, then you might be able to just slip something into Mudviper’s cell to help her escape. Then she’ll come for you when she has the chance. You can even leave a note suggesting a meeting place.

Of course, she might free the others. You don’t know. But this is the best plan you’ve got.

The problem is getting there. You contemplate passing yourself off as a guard at the shift change… but no, you’re too new to go on guard duty, and with your missing arm it’s not as if you can easily pass yourself off as someone else. Besides, you don’t even know when the shift ends.

Well, there’s an exit near the cells according to Clancy’s map. You decide to take a look there and scout things out.

You emerge in another empty room. You peer out the door carefully, and you can see the entrance to the cells. So you could watch for the shift change, you suppose, although you’re still not sure what you’re actually going to do.

Suddenly, you hear a loud noise coming from the cells. That might be trouble… but it also might be an opportunity to slip in.

What are you going to do? Wait here and see what happens? Rush for the cells? Or perhaps head back to the passageway?

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hide and watch what unfolds from the shadows

mudviper can tell you’re near on account of her great sense of smell and hearing. so, she’s being pretty noisy all of a sudden. you can sneak into the corner of the room with the cells while the guards are distracted.