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You can’t see a way. There’s just too many people here. And it’s not as if you don’t stick out, between your lack of experience and your single arm.

Then you spot Clancy heading towards the line. He’s a troublemaker, and he seems a good deal brighter than his squad leader. Exactly the sort of person you might want help from in this kind of situation.

You get close to him.

“I need my weapon,” you whisper.

“At this hour?” he whispers back. Then he smirks. “Don’t know what you want it for, and I won’t ask. But you’ve got our back, so we’ve got yours. Just stick by me.”

As the line thins, Clancy waves to one of the armorers.

“Hey. Kid here’s been eager to help out, so we’re doing a late-night training session. I’ve got some free time and curfew’s late, so…”

“Right,” the armorer shrugs. “What’s the weapon?”

“A skyslicer,” you say.

“Ah, right.” He glances at your missing arm. “I suppose that’s manageable. Heard you did a number on one of the Marshguards, so maybe you can fight one-handed. Best of luck.”

He goes in, and comes back out with your skyslicer. Clancy waves and leads you away to an empty room. He lifts up a panel in one of the walls, revealing a small passageway.

“Squib Squad knows a few good places for sneaking around,” he says. “I don’t know what you’re planning, but this’ll probably help you out with it. It’s a tight fit, but not so tight you’ll need to crawl, and it leads to a few different places.” He scrawls a quick map showing the possible exits and hands it to you. “Can’t help you out any more – y’know, gotta act like I don’t know anything, and the less I know, the more convincing it’ll be. Best of luck, regardless.”

You thank him, and slip into the passage. From here, it seems you’re on your own.

You look over the map. The next step is finding a good place to leave the passage without being spotted, and then making your way to the cells to find Mudviper.

Of course, you’ll also have to somehow find a way to talk to her without drawing the attention of the guards. For that matter, it’s best if you don’t alert the other prisoners; you don’t know what they’ll do, but they might raise a ruckus if they know you’re just leaving them there.

You should think carefully about how you’re going to handle this.

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Wait for the shift change, and sneak in. Pretend you are a guard up to Mudviper’s cell, maybe you should get a plate of food or something so you look like you have some business to be there… you could even sneak in a key, or something sharp for mudviper to break out with. If you left a note of where you’ll be later for her to “kidnap” you, it wont look as if you organized the jailbreak… of course it runs the risk of Mudviper letting the other Marshguards go, but you may want to return to the Bogknight base at some point, and this way you leave room to spin a good story about what you were doing.