Swamped Chapter 11 Page 7

It occurs to you that you haven’t had your skyslicer with you since waking up, and you’ve had some close calls today where it would have come in handy.

So you may as well grab it before leaving. You don’t know where the armory is, but you soon overhear two knights talking about handing in their weapons before heading to sleep, so you just follow them to find it.

Of course, now you have to figure out how to get your skyslicer out without drawing suspicion. There’s several knights managing the place, and a whole line of knights waiting to drop off their weapons.

Since you’re too new to get night missions (outside of an emergency like last night’s infestation), just asking for your slicer would raise a lot of questions. But with this many people around, you’re likely to get spotted, whatever you do.

So how are you going to get it?

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Everyone feels guilty because of the superstition that made you lose your arm. So play up the handicapped card.
Lie about a practice session Recordkeeper scheduled for you in the training room, utilizing your new arm prosthetic. You just want to be useful to the base, no ulterior motives here, no sir.


Aw man, better give up on it. The fewer people that suspect you left on purpose the better.

…Wait is that…Clancy from Squib Squad?

Maybe you can still get your slicer.