Swamped Chapter 11 Page 6

With what you’re planning, it’s probably safest if you’re not spotted. You take a quick look in the box.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to look through with one arm, especially not without making too much noise. You find something reasonably long… but it doesn’t seem to be an arm. It seems to be made up of two cylinders with some sort of joint between them, but there’s no hand and the two halves seem to be locked together.

You decide to take it with you anyhow, in case you can figure out how it works. You stuff it in your pack and head out.

Now you need to think about what you’re doing.

The note said Mudviper knows where to go. So, first you’ll have to find her, and talk to her without drawing attention.

And, of course, it’s more than likely that she won’t tell you anything unless you get her out. You’ll need some sort of plan for that.

You also recall that curfew’s been extended for two hours due to last night’s attack throwing off everyone’s sleep schedules. On the one hand, this means you won’t be in trouble if you’re seen wandering the halls – but it also means there’s more knights about who could see you.

So. What are you going to do now?

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let’s see if we can get the skyslicer without anyone noticing it’s missing