Swamped Chapter 11 Page 2

The next report you find is a theft complaint. Recruit Jackson has accused recruit Flarp of using the greatrat infestation as cover for taking some of his personal items. Theft by a recruit is troubling, but at least this is a matter you can delegate easily, unlike the others.

The next report is… a fire. In the roost, no less. Thankfully, it seems recruit Penelope extinguished it quickly, before any swamp gas could ignite. Nevertheless, the cause must still be investigated; whether it was sabotage, carelessness, or insufficient precautions, this is a serious matter.

You also have another note about the captured Marshguards, with preliminary information – most notably, their nicknames.

And your heart nearly stops as you read the name “Mudviper”.

So. She’s here. What’s more, it seems she’s been demanding to talk to you.

You dread meeting her, but your conscience will not allow you to refuse. You know full well what happened was your fault.

And yet, what can you even say?

You shake your head to calm your nerves. You can see, clearly, that you are in no shape to handle your other duties while this is hanging over your head.

But you also must speak to her as soon as you can.

The best option you can see is to temporarily pass the burden of command to one of your officers while you deal with this. But who can you trust enough to handle these important matters?

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Officer Ash, a scrawny kid who rose to the rank of officer faster than anyone else at the base. His insights have proved valuable in a host of situations. He might be young and a little unorthodox… well a lot unorthodox, really, but you’ve seen him deal with leadership roles before and he almost always excels thrust into new scenarios. Plus he thinks you’re mad at him after the other day, so it might help to assuage those feelings.


yeah officer ash!

once that’s settled with, go to talk to mudviper


Burgundy would be a good choice, if it weren’t that the temporary promotion would undermine her punishment.

Officer Ash is talented but…he’s also ambitious…and inexperienced. For a scrawny guy, he’s certainly charismatic but it’s worrying that he seems to value efficiency over human life. When the discussion of the Marshguards suspecting the Bogknights of stockpiling poison came up, his responce was “Why aren’t we?” Leaving him in charge for too long might be risky…