Swamped Chapter 11 Page 1

You’re Captain Long, and you have a great deal on your mind right now.

First, there was the rain returning so soon after the annual storm. Then, the greatrat infestation. The discovery of a burrower nest, which you still don’t have a plan to deal with. And now you have to face the possibility that the Marshguards suspect you of stockpiling poison.

That’s in addition to whatever happened today. You have the small comfort that it wasn’t anything urgent enough to warrant waking you up, at least.

You dress quickly and head to your office. You find notes regarding a few matters.

Marked most urgent: three Marshguards snuck aboard the barge, but were subdued and captured. They have not yet been questioned. New recruit Marshall is credited with a timely intervention.

The Rider was spotted at the meeting grounds. Unclear if he was doing anything more than feeding his mount.

A Bogknight nearly drowned trying to strangle a greatrat to death in the water. New recruit Marshall rescued him. However, this incident suggests there may still be greatrats near the base.

A water barrel has gone missing, reportedly destroyed during the greatrat infestation. John Recordkeeper has asked for permission to request an expedited shipment in order to replace it and avoid the need for rationing.

These are the first few items to catch your attention. What else has been reported?

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Marshall’s not the only one who’s been busy!

There was a small fire up in messenger crow’s tower! Penelope helped extinguish it.

One of the Bogknights, Fler, was accused by Jackson for stealing something from his room during the commotion of the greatrats last night.


You know one of the captured marsh guards, and she’s been asking for you. You’ve had her transferred to an interrogation cell…this is not a meeting you’re looking forward to.