Swamped Chapter 10 Page 22

You decide to start by talking about what happened on the boat, and that there are three new Marshguard prisoners.

“Good thing you were there,” Mary says. “We’re low on supplies as it is, I don’t even want to think about how much work it would be to bring back the next shipment without the barge.”

You hadn’t really thought about that until now, but it’s a good point.

“You helped Walter out, too?” she asks. You feel a little nervous being asked about him, but you can just say the facts for now.

“He was in the water. I pulled him out. Said he was trying to strangle a greatrat, but it dragged him deeper than expected.”

Mary gives you a look that suggests she knows there’s more on your mind about Walter. But you’d rather not think too hard about that at the moment.

“So, ah. Did you hear if any of us got taken prisoner? There might be another exchange.”

“No one that I’ve heard of,” Mary says. “Usually we play it safe for a while after we’re hit by something nasty, since we need as much help as we can get. We don’t send anyone further out than the innermost ring of towers. Of course, that means we don’t have as much warning if there’s a big Marshguard raid, but they don’t do that often. Raids take time to plan, after all, and it rarely takes more than a day or two to get back to more or less normal operations.”

She’s trying to be reassuring, but you saw the Rider today. And three other Marshguards up close.

And the Marshguards seemed to be interested in capturing you.

Now you can’t help but feel that they might just try something. At the same time, if that’s even likely, it feels way over your head as a new recruit. You could tell the officers, but what would you even say? That you have an unpleasant feeling the Marshguards might attack soon?

You’re now one of the officers. You’ve just woken up from last night’s emergency meeting, and you have an unpleasant feeling that the Marshguards might attack soon.

Which officer are you, and what preparations are you going to make, just in case you’re right?

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You’re captain long, and you’ll start by catching up on the news of what happened while you slept.