Swamped Chapter 10 Page 19

You consider going back for reinforcements, but you decide that time is of the essence.

You regret not stopping by the armory for your skyslicer, but you do have your throwing gloves. You just need to find a good opportunity.

You slip through the hold carefully, trying not to draw attention to yourself. The enemy hasn’t spotted you yet, after all.

As you draw near, you start checking the ground for things light enough to pick up with one arm. You soon spot an empty crate – perfect.

You grab it, and hurl it at the Marshguards.

One of them is alert enough to dodge it, but the other isn’t. The crate shatters, knocking him to the floor, and giving the other Bogknights time to subdue his partner.

“Thanks,” one of the knights says, gasping for breath as he pins the Marshguard you knocked down. “They caught us by surprise, I think they snuck on board while the pest control squad was out last night. We were checking for greatrats, so at least we were ready for a fight… just not one like this. Could you get us some rope, and then alert the medic?”

You grab a length rope from a nearby hook, and take it to the boat squad. They set about tying up the Marshguards while you run off to get a medic.

Your first stop is the reserve squad waiting room. You tell them about the Marshguards in the hold, and several knights rush for the barge. You happen to notice that Squib Squad doesn’t seem to be around at the moment.

Then you head for the infirmary and tell them about the fight. Eve’s too exhausted, and John still hasn’t woken up, so Cindy runs off to check on the wounded.

You then decide that with everything going on, you can’t go around without a weapon. So you stop by the armory before going back to the boat to ask about what supplies they need replaced – besides the crate you broke, of course.

You get a list, and take it back to John Recordkeeper. By now you’re feeling exhausted from all the running around, but you think you’ve done enough.

Dinner’s in about an hour. Is there anything you plan to do before then?

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Return to the boat one last time and see what’s up with the new prisoners!