Swamped Chapter 10 Page 18


You call down into the hold, but you can barely hear yourself as the noise gets louder. If they are down there, it’s doubtful they heard you.

You decide to take advantage of the opportunity, then. You slip down, using the noise as cover. If something’s gone wrong here, you can at least find out what it is.

As you slip down the stairs, the noise becomes clearer. You can hear metal striking metal, which seems odd, but it’s not as if you know what’s involved in boat maintenance. It certainly doesn’t sound like a noise greatrats would make.

And as you reach the bottom step, you can clearly see it isn’t. You spot two Marshguards fighting off three Bogknights; and at a second glance, you see three more knights and another Marshguard lying on the floor.

You don’t know exactly what’s happened here, but this isn’t a good time for asking questions. Nobody’s seen you yet; what will you do?

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You may have one less arm but an extra bogknight might change the tide of battle. Wait for a perfect opportunity, make sure you have something that can do decent damage and strike if and only if they need your help. Otherwise just obseve from the shadows, something shady is up.
have you gotten your weapon back yet?
you should turn around and get reinforcements
Runnin’ is for fools and clowns and you left your bright red nose at home today! Get in there and rough it up! But do it all sneaky like, like Colby suggested. No need to jump in all ‘RAAA’ if you’re just going to end up going ‘AAAR.’ (That is a death sound.)