Swamped Chapter 10 Page 17

You notice a “Boat Squad” on the list, and frown a bit.

“Is the Boat Squad at the docks?” you ask. “I could have taken care of that at the same time.”

“Ah, hmm. Yes, I really ought to have noted down their locations so you can work more efficiently. Ah well, something to remember for next time. Anyhow, that’s our boat maintenance crew. We’ve only got the one squad, but they rarely leave the base. The only time they would is if the barge broke down out there, and they work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. Of course, we definitely don’t want them to be short on supplies.”

“Huh. If they’re such an important squad, why haven’t they reported in yet, then? And why hasn’t someone else gone to check on them?”

“Ah, well. They’re likely to be very busy. There were greatrats on the barge, and they’ve been checking it. As to why no one else has picked them… well, they’re often shorthanded, so they tend to put knights with nothing else in particular to do to work on some of the less specialized tasks.”

“I see.” You muse on this. They probably won’t give you any work that’s too hard for your one arm, so you decide it’s safe enough.

You tell John Recordkeeper you’ll check in with them and head back to the docks.

You don’t see anyone around, but you hear some loud noises coming from the barge. More specifically, the hold. You can’t really figure out what sort of sound it is, though.

You consider heading in to see what’s going on, but then you recall that John Recordkeeper mentioned something about greatrats on the barge. What if there are still some in there?

But you don’t see Boat Squad around anywhere else. What are you going to do?

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Call out! hello?

Stealth your way forward!