Swamped Chapter 10 Page 16

You wait for a little while before John Recordkeeper finally notices you’re still standing around. It’s enough time to consider what he’s just said.

“Oh! Sorry, sorry, were you waiting for more orders?”

“Well… Could I be the courier for that business you were talking about?”

“Hmm. Well, you just got here, didn’t you? Are you missing civilization that much already?” He chuckles. “Not that I can blame you if you are.”

“I just want to help out where I can.”

“Fair point. I’ll consider your name, then. It’s not common to send new recruits out for this sort of thing, but then, you won’t learn anything if you don’t do anything. Anyhow, I sent messengers out for most of the other squads while you were gone, but you can look at the remaining squads if you’re still looking for something to do.”

You take a look at the list. It’s considerably shorter than last time, with most of the names crossed off. Which of the remaining squads will you pay a visit to?

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