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Honestly, you find it hard to be all that intimidated. You’ve seen worse in this swamp than a band of overgrown bullies. And even if they do come after you, it’s not as if you haven’t spent plenty of time in the infirmary already.

But you’re also not reckless. You want to know just what they did, and you’ll probably be able to learn more about that if you’re on their good side.

You wonder if perhaps they were trying to catch a greatrat alive. A tarp, a rope, and a barrel could be used to keep it bound… but on the other hand, it would be hard to get the barrel out without drawing attention, considering how important the water is.

“I just wanted to be clear on what the problem was, that’s all,” you say. “So it’s just about staying out of trouble with the officers? No problem.”

Squib’s still not looking too happy, but he seems to be scowling a little less. You turn around as if to leave, then turn back as if you’ve just thought of something.

“Oh, yeah. You should be careful when you next go out. Seems there’s still greatrats on the loose outside.”

Squib raises an eyebrow.


“Yeah. I was just out there – didn’t see any, but I helped one of the patrollers out of the water. He said he’d strangled one.”

“What, one knight alone? Strangled it?”

“Seems they don’t do too well at fighting and swimming at the same time. Though it was a close match, since, well, I had to help him out of the water. Anyways, with all that’s going on, you might get called out on patrol, so it’s probably best you’re prepared.”

“Thanks,” Squib says, looking strangely thoughtful. It’s almost more unsettling than when he was angry. “We appreciate you telling us that, newmuck.”

Well, that got an interesting reaction. Now what?

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Well! Head back to John Recordkeeper!

And mention to him that Squib Squad seemed anxious to go help out with patrol.