Swamped Chapter 10 Page 11

“What’s this, ‘Squib Squad’ you have here at the bottom?”

“Ah, that’s one of our reserve squads. The ones that aren’t assigned to any particular task, so we just call them out when we have more work than the regular squads can handle. The squads don’t tend to last long, as they’re mostly newer recruits waiting to be assigned to one of the main squads, so we just call them by the name of their most senior member.”

“If they don’t have a particular task, how can they be short on equipment?”

“We keep them stocked with general-purpose gear. I need you to head over and find out if they’re short on anything. They were working during last night’s infestation, so they might have used up some supplies.”

“All right, I’ll go and see them, then. Where would I find them?”

“Reserve squads generally stay in a waiting room near the docks, in case they need to use the boat. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.”

You thank him and head over to take a look. He’s right, it isn’t too hard to find; there aren’t a lot of rooms near the docks, after all.

You see a few squads composed of people you recognize from training. You head over to Riley and ask them where Squib’s squad is.

“It’s over there,” Riley says, pointing to a few slightly older and bulkier knights. “Gotta warn you, they don’t really like being bossed around by junior knights. Be careful what you say to them, okay?”

You nod, and walk over to the Squib Squad.

What are you going to say to them?

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Put on your most disarming smile and say, “Hey fellows! Can I get you blokes anything? I’ve come from the recordkeepers office and they thought you might need some extra supplies or assistance.”

Just hope that Squib Squad doesn’t have any weird hazing rituals for junior knights.


Or anything heavy enough that it might require two arms.


Tell them, “Hi, John recordkeeper sent me to ask you what kind of supplies you need to be restocked with.”


Dont be awkward! Go up with extra confidence! “Yo bro hows it hangin on the flipside!”