Swamped Chapter 10 Page 9

You decide to pay a visit to John Recordkeeper. Maybe he’s got something for you to do.

When you arrive at the archives, you find that it’s quite a bit busier than the infirmary. There are several knights going through boxes, or filling out forms.

John himself doesn’t seem that busy at the moment, though. He’s just reading something. You walk over to him and ask if there’s any work he has for you.

“Ah, you’re looking for things to do, hmm?” He glances at you long enough to notice the missing arm. “Well, I can probably put you to work here. That shouldn’t be too physically demanding.”

“What would I be doing?”

“Inventory! Between the early rain and the greatrat infestation, we’re lower on supplies than we’d like to be. So we have to figure out just what we’re short on, and the sooner the better. If we don’t send out a crow by tomorrow with a list, it won’t arrive in time for the next shipment. And we’re already probably going to have to hire a second wagon with the equipment we need for the burrowers…”

“Burrowers? We’ve got burrowers?”

“They hollowed out the hill, it seems, and that’s where the rats made their nest. We haven’t actually seen them yet, but there were clear signs of burrower tunnels. And we’re not really prepared for them.”

“Is that what the emergency meeting was about?”

“Don’t know. Might be. I wasn’t there, and I haven’t been briefed on it yet. I know about the burrowers because I had an equipment request from Pest Control sitting on my desk when I woke up. But that’s beside the point! You were looking for something to do, well, I need you to start by writing down anything missing from your room… oh, actually.”

He takes another look at you and looks thoughtful for a moment.

“You’d probably appreciate some equipment to help you with your condition. You should make a note of that while you’re documenting your personal needs… oh, wait, do you have trouble with writing?”

“I haven’t really practiced it since I lost the arm,” you say awkwardly.

“Well. Just tell me, then. Don’t worry if you don’t know about any specific gear, just tell me what sort of activities you’d like help with and I’ll ask the medic what options there are. I suppose I can put writing aids down immediately… what else can you think of?”

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a prosthetic?

Combat arm! (im thinking like wooden ironmail hahaha)

Climbing has been a pain, swimming as well. A clumsy, heavy prosthesis would just make those worse.

An arm with a retractable grappling hook though…