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Your view isn’t that great here at ground level; there are a lot of trees in the way. You can still make out some interesting rock formations, and for that matter, some of the trees stand out as well. These are probably landmarks the knights use to navigate.

Then you stumble onto a little knob. By turning it, you find that the goggles let you see even further. You still mostly see trees, but you can make out a few more things now.

Like a strange purple shack. You’ve never heard of purple wood, but it doesn’t look like paint – although, perhaps you just can’t tell from this distance. But you can see enough to realize that it’s the same shade as the Marshguards’ armor.

Is this one of their outposts? And just how far away is it?

While trying to get a better look at the place, you spot a splash in the water. That’s when you freeze up.

You’d heard about the beast. You knew it was the same one, but seeing it is another matter. It’s nowhere near you, and there’s no way it could know you’re looking at it, but you feel the same sense of terror you did when you saw it so long ago.

Did that creature take your father here?

You barely have time to process your emotions, though, when you spot a tall figure stepping out of the shack, his armor covering him entirely. He carries a massive spear on his back, and the first thing you see him do is motion to the beast.

Even before you see the beast swim to him, and watch him climb onto its back, you realize that this must be the Rider.

But what is he doing? What is that place?

Has Walter seen him, too?

Your train of thought is interrupted as Nathan arrives in the boat.

“Doing some sightseeing, eh?” he laughs. “Can’t say I blame you, I didn’t do anything too exciting. I’ll go and call down Walter…”


Walter’s voice echoes from the treetop. It seems he’s seen the Rider as well. Nathan seems a little unnerved.

“I need to have a talk with Walter. Excuse me.”

Nathan climbs up, and a bit later, Walter climbs down. He looks more shaken than he did after you rescued him.

“Fuckin’ Rider,” he says. “Fuckin’ Rider.”

You think you have some idea what’s bothering him. Maybe you should ask him some questions before you head back to base.

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perhaps share the fact that you have seen the beast before to establish common ground on the subject

What do you think rider was doing in that shack?