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You get out of bed, a bit more easily than last night, and look at where you hung your throwing glove. You didn’t have time to get it back to the armory, though the clean-up crews will no doubt recover your skyslicer.

This was your first time actually fighting since you arrived here. And you weren’t useless. You might not be winning any fights on your own, but surely there’s still a place for your throwing skills on a team.

But you’re not ready to think about that just yet. You know there’s still a good deal of cleanup to be done today, so you decide to see how that’s coming along.

The first thing you realize is that it’s hard to find any officers. Asking around a bit, it seems most of them got called to an emergency meeting after the rats were dealt with and so they were up even later. The most senior officers awake right now are Tom First, John Recordkeeper, and the night medic, who’s staying up into the day because John Medic was called to the meeting.

As to the cleanup, most of the filth the greatrats left behind has already been dealt with – except Tom Eighth’s, as he’s insisted on being present for cleanup in his room. The holes are another matter, but that’s a job for the repair squads. Though the discovery of a burrower den under the base seems to be making that a more complicated process.

You still want to help out, but you’re not sure what you can do. It seems to already be under control. You suppose the simplest thing is to find one of the acting officers and ask for orders.

So who are you going to talk to?

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have we met the night medic yet? if not, lets introduce ourselves

Tom First! Such a fun buddy

The night medic, you guess. Who knows when you might lose the other arm.

Isn’t his name Tai Braker or something?