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You feel frustrated with yourself. You’ve barely been here a day and all you’ve done is hide and get reprimanded.

You close the door to your room and fling your newly-assigned helmet at the top of an empty bookshelf. It mostly serves to remind you that you haven’t unpacked yet.

Still upset, you lie down and just try to sleep.

It doesn’t work very well. You’re too annoyed with yourself, and the barracks are hardly free of the swamp’s foul stench. You spend most of the night tossing and turning without properly getting to sleep. By the time the morning rolls around, you’re not sure if you got any rest at all.

But you’re still expected to train. After a quick and bland breakfast, Sergeant Greenwoods leads you to the training room.

Here, there’s just a training dummy that’s clearly seen better days and a rack with a few practice weapons.

“So, let’s start by seeing what you already know,” the sergeant says. “Take any weapon you feel comfortable with, then strike the dummy as you see fit. We’ll continue from there.”

What sort of weapon will you use? And how will you attack the dummy?

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Author’s Note:

The only other suggestions I got were using the closest person as a weapon, and building an improvised flamethrower.

In some stories, the author gets a suggestion like that and opts to run with it. I’ve even done it myself more than a few times. But that wasn’t the sort of story I was telling here. However, I was aiming to update daily, so it wasn’t as if I could wait for a more sensible suggestion to pop up.

So how did I handle it? I made the most of what I got.

Unfortunately, this didn’t really resolve the issue. More on that later.