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You think back on your father’s obsessions with the swamp. He seemed convinced there was some great treasure in its depths, and would regularly spend hours reading from one of his many tomes on its mysteries before disappearing into his laboratory to conduct some bizarre and generally foul-smelling experiment.

When he disappeared, the neighbors liked to joke that he had run off and left his husband for a swamp beast. Much as their taunting bothered you, sometimes you can’t help but wonder if that’s what actually happened.

So now that you’re of age, you’ve signed up to join the Bogknights so that you can see the swamp for yourself. If your father is still alive, surely this is where he ended up. Even if not, you might be able to learn more about the treasure he was looking for.

As you reflect on this, you hear a loud horn. The barge has finally arrived.

“Last chance,” the driver mutters. “I’m leaving now, and it’s up to you whether you come with me.”

You already know the answer to that. You wish him a safe journey home. He laughs before riding off.

The barge drops its ramp, and two young Bogknights rush down to start grabbing the supply crates. You decide to help out; might as well give a good first impression.

“No need for that,” a voice calls from the top of the ramp. You look up and see a gray-haired woman walking down. “You’ve had a long enough journey already, and you’ll have few chances to rest once training starts. Best to take the chance to relax while you still have it.”

She walks over to you and extends her hand. You shake it a bit awkwardly.

“I’m Sergeant Vera Greenwoods. I’ll be overseeing your training. Now, if we were any good at keeping track of these things, I’d probably know your name already, but sadly I don’t. Only got told we’d be having a new recruit with this month’s supplies. So, what’s your name in case I have to yell orders at you on the way back to base?”

What is your name?

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