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At long last, your training is complete.

Not that there is to be any ceremony. The monastery is not a place of celebration. No, you have simply taken your final test and passed. You have proven that you can handle one of the most fundamental forces of nature, and the only change is that you will have new duties befitting your training.

But your master is pleased enough to smile.

“You are now a full monk,” she says calmly. “It is good to see another one. These are trying times, and we will need all the help we can get.”

You simply bow your head. Your oath of silence no longer holds, but after a year of it, you will need some time to adjust to talking again.

You also realize that this is not entirely a moment of joy. Not with the enemy making bold moves as of late.

It is not yet a full war, but the senior monks have been clear. They believe war will break out any day now. And you may well be called upon to fight it. It has weighed on you throughout your training.

Of course, there has always been a struggle. For the enemy wields the power that opposes your own. You know well that throughout history, there have been many battles over which of these two central forces would dominate.

Everything always comes back to the two forces that control this world.

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