Swamped Chapter 154 Page 3

The ether isn’t easy to work with, so you decide to go for something that doesn’t last long but still has a strong effect. It’s the equivalent of a sudden flash of light, except it’s purely contained within the mind.

You aren’t actually sure what it will do, but it’s the best idea you’ve got. You shape the ether, then release it, and start moving out of the mind you’re in to minimize your own exposure.

You still get struck by it, and feel a little dizzy. But it seems your host is worse off.

Where are you? Where is Goan? Where am I?

It’s punctuated by cries of frustration. For your own part, though, you’re just having trouble working out where you’re going. You don’t want to be stuck here, but if what you did worked, then you may not have a path back to Corvus.

But what happens if you’re not in a mind? You aren’t sure. It’s not as if you have expertise with this spell even without the time magic…

Dismissing it is simple.

Another voice? It sounds vaguely familiar, but you’re having trouble processing that because it’s directly sending you instructions for ending a mental link spell.

But the voice also has a message for you. One that you find rather confusing.

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