Swamped Chapter 154 Page 2

You mentally advance forward.

The moment you cross into the other mind, you concentrate on a particular memory: The day the chickens got loose and ran into the neighbors’ duck pond.

It’s full of squawks and quacks and splashes, and a few noises from other animals upset by the commotion. You’ve never forgotten that day, or all the noise.

But the mind you’re going into apparently never had to deal with farm life. You can already feel their concentration slipping.

Out! Out! their mental voice cries. Begone!

You feel some kind of pressure pushing you away, but it’s not very strong. They must not be trained at this. Not that you are, either – you’re just winging it.

It doesn’t take you long to figure out how to push through their resistance. Mostly you’re using the memory as a shield while you try to get a better grasp of your mental surroundings. You need to stop the force attacking Corvus – and it’s coming from here.

And soon, you find it. But as you try to get closer, the force pushing you away gets stronger.

Whoever you are, you shall not harm Goan!

They must be adjusting, somehow. Possibly just through desperation. But then you realize something. They’re doing it with magic.

Which means there’s ether here. Ether you might be able to use.

You concentrate, and manage to find it. Actual ether, not whatever similar thing Goan is made of.

And with a little more concentration, you forge enough of a connection to cast a spell.

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