Swamped Chapter 152 Page 6

They’reĀ linked, somehow. It’s as though they’re flickering in synchronization. You haven’t really seen anyone else cast before, not while you’ve had the ether vision, so you can’t say for sure this isn’t just how it works. Except, something feels off about it, for reasons you can’t quite put into words.

Arlene mentioned something about a wizard using a brand to control someone and make them cast a spell. So could the same thing be happening here? The wizard isn’t here himself, but another puppet is?

If that’s the case, then maybe you can see… ah! There’s a trail of some kind. It’s like a thin strand of string. It doesn’t quite seem like ether or aura, maybe it’s somehow both. And it leads… Nowhere?

What if the wizard’s run off, and left his puppet with a command to lift the tower? Without a will of their own, the caster is just mindlessly putting ether into a flight spell, and can’t make adjustments.

If that’s the case, then maybe you can try something a little more daring.

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