Swamped Chapter 152 Page 5

“You know theĀ Bellingham and Burner bit with the basket on a rope?” She mimes pulling a rope up. “It’s my favorite, personally. Jumped right into my mind after your little stunt.”

Ah, you remember that. Bellingham is trying to get the basket down and Burner’s trying to keep it up. When Bellingham’s pulling the rope real hard, Burner lets go and the basket goes down fast and hits Bellingham in the head.

So the first thing you need to do is get the wizard to start pulling down. Lift it before he’s ready.

Getting enough ether together to lift a tower seems pretty hard based on what little magic you know, but it’s a lot easier when somebody’s already got a big pile of the stuff gathered for you. All you need to do is add a little ether of your own. The tiles start floating up faster, and in bigger chunks.

But the wizard doesn’t seem to be taking the bait. Maybe he doesn’t care how fast it starts moving? You could try shifting to moving it down, but you doubt you could have that much impact. Plus, you’d rather not slingshot the tower into flight while you’re inside it.

Too bad you can’t read his aura better, it might give you a clue what he’s thinking. Although, there’s something a little funny you notice now that you can see auras and ether at the same time.

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