Swamped Chapter 152 Page 4

The floor is falling apart. What’s stranger is that it seems to be fallingĀ up.

“This is definitely the wizard’s work, but I can’t figure out why,” Mina says. “How does raising floor tiles help him get at the wine?”

Your first thought is that maybe it’s a side effect. But you don’t have to guess – you can see ether for yourself. And it looks like wind. A lot of wind.

“It’s just the beginning,” you say. “This whole tower’s going to take flight. But that takes a lot of ether, and it’s hard to manage that much, so some of it’s flying sooner than the rest.”

“Hells! I knew there wasn’t much we could do about him in a straight-out fight, but I didn’t think he’d be able to move a whole damn tower,” Mina mutters. “Can we even get down?”

“If we hurry,” you reply. “But stray magic might catch us and get us floating. Not to mention, the wizard’s on the bottom floor – at least, I assume that’s whose aura I’m seeing.”

“Maybe he won’t be expecting us,” Mina muses. “Or maybe he will, and we’ll just die. But I’m kind of thinking our best option may be to just go for it. Of course, if you’ve got a better idea, I’d be glad to hear it.”

“NotĀ really better,” you say cautiously. “I can maybe mess with the spell a little. But I’m not actually a wizard – just ate something that lets me act like one for a little while – so I’m not sure how much I could do.”

Mina suddenly smiles.

“Well! I’m not a wizard either. But if messing with the spell is an option, I think I know just how you should do it.”

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  1. Boost the lift so the wizard needs to start pulling it back down, then stop boosting and let it drop

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