Swamped Chapter 152 Page 3

“Where to start… Well, first we should begin walking.” Mina turns back towards the stairs, and you follow. “So we were at the theater, and there were these priests…”

“Arlene told me about that,” you interject. “Though she didn’t tell me you were involved. I suppose we were in something of a hurry, though.”

“Right, well. If you know about the guy with a brand on his cheek, turns out there’s more of them. We saw a creepy guy ordering one around, and we think the creepy guy is a wizard. We also think he might still be on the brewery grounds.”

“And the barrel is what he’s after?” you ask.

“No, I think he’s after the sacred wine. Some kind of crazy ploy to kill Nual, or something,” Mina says. You’re past the gate now. Mina walks to a window and holds out a flag, and the gate drops. “I imagine that won’t hold him for long, but better than nothing. How’d you get past it, anyways?”

“Magic,” you reply. “Why are we rushing to get out if he’s after the wine? Shouldn’t we do something to protect it?”

“We’ve got a new friend working on that,” Mina says. “Fellow named Crow, wears a weird purple uniform. Suppose I’m not one to judge on that, though!” She laughs heartily.

“Small world. I met him tonight, too. What’s he doing?”

“No idea,” she shrugs. “Now let’s move.”

Well, you doubt your mana root will be much good against an experienced wizard, so you might as well play along for now. You and Mina go down the next flight of stairs.

And then you immediately see a problem.

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