Swamped Chapter 152 Page 2

You haven’t done that many slapstick acts, but you’ve done enough for an idea to come quickly. You duck behind the pile of casks, and get ready to push one over.

As soon as you catch a glimpse of whoever’s coming, you push a cask right at them.

They dodge with remarkable timing.

“Gods, that takes me back,” they say. “Been ages since I was in Bellingham and Burner, but our audiences lately have been too highbrow for that.”

Oh hells, that voice.

“Mina,” you say coolly, standing up. “Of the Tangled Bells. I hope you’re not looking to drag me back there.”

“Not at all. That’s Leon’s thing, not ours,” she replies. “I wouldn’t recommend sticking around in Golden Rose, but you’re a clever one, so I’m guessing you’ve already figured that much out.”

“It was really just to get a ride here,” you shrug. “So what are you doing here? I assume Bert’s somewhere around, he never could say no to whatever you were scheming.”

“He’s at the winch controls,” she replies. “Anyhow, right now I need a barrel.”

“For what?” you ask. “Because need a barrel, and I’ll wager it’s the same one.” You hold it up. “And you’re going to need a very good reason to convince me to part with it, since I need it for something real important.”

“I’m afraid I do, too,” Mina sighs. “But we can sort that out later. If we just hang around here arguing about it, there’s a good chance neither of us leaves with it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” you ask.

“It means we’ve got another problem, and I can tell you about it on the way down.”

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