Swamped Chapter 152 Page 1

You didn’t have much trouble making your way to the tower, but there’s a damned gate blocking the way further up. Ridiculously old-fashioned, at that – it’s controlled by a winch, but the chains go outside the tower entirely. Who builds something like this?

Well, someone with a way to signal whoever’s at the lever that raises it, that’s who. You could do the same, but since Redlake seems to be gone, that might draw suspicion. Then again, it’s not as if you can lift this damn thing…

Oh, wait. Of course you can, you’ve still got some mana root power in you. The wizard told you how to do a few simple spells in case they were helpful, and you think you can use one of them right now. You tap the gate.

“Lightweight,” you say. Then you raise it easily. You have to admit, magic is damned useful.

And the casks are right ahead. Fortunately, you’re pretty sure you already figured out Grandmother’s riddle. She’s telling you to look at the auras, so you concentrate and do that.

It’s as you thought. One cask sticks out like a sore thumb – it’s got traces of several grebling auras. You don’t know why, exactly, but for the moment you just need to find it and get back out.

The gate should still be light, so getting past it should be simple…

Except you just heard the sound of a chain winding. Someone’s opening the gate. Which means someone’s coming this way.

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