Swamped Chapter 151 Page 18

There’s about a dozen priests, and four of them are moving in exactly the same way. Not doing any talking. After the weird business at the theater, you can’t help but feel something is up.

But you can also tell that none of these priests are from the theater. They’ve all got those little telltale signs of being at sea for months – longer hair, not quite used to walking on land, and sunburned faces.

These priests must be from the Golem. But when would there have been a chance to do anything to them, especially without the other priests noticing?

Well, that doesn’t matter much right now. What matters is keeping any of these people, under weird enchantments or not, from catching Minnie. It’s just that if your hunch is right, a diversion alone might not work too well on those four.

So the easiest thing is to make it happen in the middle of them. You carefully walk up behind them, then charge into their midst and toss the little lizard right at the two people in conversation.

“Look, I know it’s important, but I can’t do it without Mr. Redlake’s approval, and he’s not… what the?”

“Approval!” the lizard shouts. He starts dancing on the manager’s head. You start screaming.

“Approval!” you shout. Everyone turns to look at you – except, oddly, the four priests right around you.

“What are you doing?” asks the priest talking to the manager. “The troublemaker’s right there, why haven’t you grabbed them?”

No response. Unsettling. It’s like they don’t even care you’re there, or that anyone else is, for that matter.

But if they were under somebody’s control, it seems likely they’d be doing something. If only to avoid giving away that there’s something weird about them…

And then suddenly there’s a loud crash and Crow bursts out of a nearby window, fighting with someone in a robe.

Well! You’re trying to make a diversion, no sense letting that go to waste. You rush over to help.

You’re now Minnie. You’re hearing a lot of noise, which must be Arlene’s diversion. Sounds pretty impressive – you hope you can get someone to tell you what it was later.

But right now, you have a more pressing matter to deal with.

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