Swamped Chapter 151 Page 17

The wizard reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lizard. Looks like the talking type.

“This is Mortimer,” he says. “I’m sure he can help you raise a ruckus.”

You let him walk into your hand. He starts dancing.

“Ha, maybe we should have tried to get him in the troupe,” you chuckle. Minnie frowns.

“Wouldn’t want him to stay there,” she says. “Just asking for trouble, the kind of trouble he’s not ready for. But if you want to put on a performance with him, well, this is your chance.”

You nod. You walk onto the brewery, sticking to the shadows – it’ll be most effective if nobody sees you coming.

Fortunately, it seems a lot of the focus is on the priests right now. Doesn’t seem like anybody wants to get them angry. Weirdly, though, from what you’re overhearing, Mr. Redlake himself is nowhere to be found.

You get close to where the priests are arguing with a manager. Just as you think about how specifically to make your distraction, though, you notice something odd.

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