Swamped Chapter 151 Page 15

“A good drink is more fun than a barrel of greblings,” he says, looking baffled. “Of course, the actual phrase is ‘barrel of coalcrabs’, which immediately stands out as something odd.”

“Barrels are usually made of wood,” Minnie observes. “Could be the darkwood’s built into a cask… of course, good luck looking for a specific cask in a winery.”

“Well, that’s what the grebling clue is about, right?” you ask. “There’s a cask that has something to do with greblings. If we’re real lucky, it’ll stick out like a broken thumb once we know we’re looking for it.”

“Oh!” Minnie exclaims suddenly. “I think I know what it means. I should be able to work it out if I can get to the barrels.”

“All right. So, we just need to work out where they are, I make the distraction, you get there,” you say. “Unfortunately, I don’t know much about breweries. Any of you know where they keep their casks?”

“Well, they keep them in a lot of places,” Badger says. “But the ones used for the sacred wine are probably especially well-guarded, so that makes sense as a place to hide a particular one. You just need it to be gone by the time the wine gets delivered.”

“That’s a starting point,” Minnie agrees. “Any idea where they’d be?”

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