Swamped Chapter 151 Page 8

First step: Going on the offense. They move too fast to reliably strike serious blows, but luckily they aren’t bright enough to realize that.

And speaking of bright.

“Could one of you get a torch going?” you ask.

The wizard glances around.

“What do you need them for? We’ve already got several going in the streetlights.”

“Yeah, but those are designed to filter the smoke,” you reply. “It’s about smoke, not fire or light.”

The wizard nods. He looks around and spots a houselight with a lit torch. Gets a bit of a funny look afterwards, but he runs over and pulls it out of the filter. The birds stay away from the smoke.

“Don’t suppose we’ve got a way to make the smoke thicker?” he asks.

“You’re the wizard. At least, that’s what I figure from the beard,” you reply.

“I’m not able to use magic right now. It’s a long story that I can’t easily explain,” he sighs.

Hmm. Well, when it comes down to it, this is the same sort of thing theater’s done for generations without magic. Doesn’t matter how much smoke there is, really – only how much the audience thinks there is.

Granted, usually the audience isn’t birds, but you think you’ve got a trick you can pull here regardless.

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