Swamped Chapter 151 Page 5

In fact, they don’t look particularly well-equipped for taking care of themselves at all. They strike you as a more bookish sort. What’s someone like that even doing out here?

Whatever it is, you think it’s best that you protect them. Can’t count on anyone else doing it. You don’t like leaving Minnie to fend for herself, but at least you know she can to some degree.

So you leap in front of the stranger just as a pair of birds start diving their way. Unsurprisingly, they seem as startled by you as by the birds.

“Who… Who are you?” they ask.

You’re almost feeling playful enough to answer “Kanathe”, but you think this isn’t quite the time for that.

“You can call me Arlene,” you reply. “And I think we need to get you to a safer place.”

“But I’ve got an important message to deliver!” they protest. “I need to talk to Minnie Laikenne as soon as possible!”

Oh, hells. That means you’ll have to keep this poor soul safe while you get to her. On the plus side, it means there’s no more reason to delay getting to her.

But you’re still going to need a plan for that.

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