Swamped Chapter 151 Page 4

It’s a shield, which is strange enough and makes you wonder if you’ve stumbled near a blacksmith. But what’s stranger is that there’s a note on it.

The ledger’s gone. Not sure who has it – wasn’t on Jack Flame when I searched him. Stanley was babbling something about a guy in Marshguard colors, but even if one of them were this far from the swamp, there’s no way they’d be in uniform. Anyways, I think we might learn something about what’s going on if you figure out who made the shield.

So this was some kind of drop-off? They must feel it’s pretty secure if the note’s just written in Common without any sort of code… not that it has a lot of details, though.

Well, regardless of how it got there, you’ve got a shield now. Feels pretty light for one, but a quick tap on the surface suggests it’ll be good enough for blocking birds. Of course, it’s only good for one direction… but that should be enough if you move fast.

Which you do. Wielding your sword at the same time also seems to keep some of them scared. But all you can really do right now is move to another safe spot, and then figure out how you’re going to get back to Minnie. And get the three of you out of this whole mess.

Oh, dammit. Make that four. Somebody else has just shown up, and they don’t look like they were expecting birds.

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