Swamped Chapter 151 Page 3

One of the funny things about living in a port town is, lots of people own boats. Not big boats, but rowboats are pretty common.

And of course, they don’t always last, and you can’t always find someone looking for spare lumber, so sometimes you just find one overturned near the trash boxes.

It is a bit unusual that it’s this far from the harbor, but not that weird. Some people just like boating, and they don’t mind if they have to stick it on a cart and pull it down to the sea. Of course, right now you’re just glad it’s there as shelter. You duck under it, and promptly hear the noise of quite a number of birds striking it. Good thing they’re not woodpeckers.

Still, you don’t think it’s especially safe to stay here, and even if it were, you need to get ahold of Minnie. You briefly consider crawling around with the boat on your back, but it’s a bit heavy for that. At least, if you’re by yourself.

Well, you’re not totally without resources, you suppose. You can reach a trash box from here without too much risk. Of course, there might not be anything useful in it, depending on what the owner decided to throw out, but you don’t really have a better idea than trying your luck.

Though, you have to admit, you weren’t expecting to find one of these in the box.

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