Swamped Chapter 151 Page 2

Fortunately, you’ve got a pretty good start with this costume. Even aggressive animals tend to be wary around creatures they don’t recognize. So you mostly just need to draw their attention to you.

First, you start screaming and waving your sword around. Then you fling a rock at the nearest bird. You don’t hit it, but that doesn’t matter; you’re just trying to be noticed.

The bird turns towards you and starts shrieking. Several others take notice. It’s not as big a portion of the flock as you were hoping for, but it’s some pressure off Minnie at least. Maybe you need to make yourself seem more dangerous.

You run towards a wall. You’re not much of a climber, but you just have to pass yourself off as one long enough to make them worried. You hop up slightly, and grab the upper edge of a window.

One of them makes a tentative dive towards you. Good, that gives you the chance to be frightening. You let go of the window and swing with your sword arm. You get close enough to knock a few feathers loose, but not much more – good enough for your purposes.

The birds all start squawking. More of them fly away from Minnie. You think that’s about a third of the flock.. half would be better, but this is probably the point where you should shift your focus from “drawing their attention” to “defending yourself”.

Luckily, you already spotted something very helpful for that part.

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