Swamped Chapter 151 Page 1

You expected to see Minnie coming by the theater, but after she didn’t show up, you figured she might have been sidetracked. It’s been that sort of night. So, you went looking for her.

You didn’t really have a plan for finding her. Then you saw the birds.

Diamond swifts don’t usually come by this part of the continent at all, especially not at this time of year. And they don’t have anything to do with Nual, so it’s unlikely he’s called them down for the festival. Plus, they don’t normally flock together in groups this big.

But they looked to be hunting, and when you followed them, it turned out they were hunting for Minnie. Why, you couldn’t say for sure. You’d guess the forgotten god is involved somehow, though.

Anyhow. They’ve started attacking her and the old wizard. And they’re a good two blocks away. You don’t think you could get there in time to make a difference, not to mention you don’t think you can fight that many at once.

So you’re going to need to figure out another way to help out.

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  1. Perhaps they’d be startled by the sudden appearance of a gigantic frenzied animal (or a gesticulating human in an animal costume)

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