Swamped Chapter 150 Page 12

“Look. I don’t know what Drake’s goals are, but if he’s running a campaign against darkwood, he’s not going to hand it out to strangers,” you reply. “Not even if we have a very good reason. The sort of people who run crackdowns don’t tend to care how good your reasons are.”

“No, but they tend to have a price. We can strike a deal if we convince him we can do something he can’t,” Minnie replies. “I’ll grant it might be a price we can’t pay, but I’d rather hear what it is first.”

Hmm. Well, that might be enough for you to work with – go to Drake, get an offer from him, turn it down. But you can’t help but feel it would be a waste of time.

Ah, maybe that’s the angle to go on.

“And how long will it take before he even agrees to give us an offer? If Redlake does have some, we’ll get results faster. The fact he has to worry about Drake finding out will give us leverage. Or, even if he’s not willing to talk, we can probably search his brewery faster than we can figure out where in the city Drake might be keeping his confiscated goods.”

She gives this some thought.

“All right, we’ll give it a shot. But if we don’t find it in half an hour, we go to Drake,” she says.

You don’t know exactly when you’re going to find it, but that’s good enough to work with. You agree, and head off to the brewery.

You’re now Arlene, and you’ve run into a new problem. One that you don’t think your sword can resolve.

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