Swamped Chapter 150 Page 11

“Well, before we go stumbling around in the dark for it, let’s find out what our hosts know.”

You step out and see Badger and Spade talking. It sounds like an argument, but you don’t have much context for it.

“Pardon me,” you interject. “We were able to communicate with the patient, and she suggested that it might be possible to stabilize her condition with darkwood. We’d still have other issues to deal with, but it would at least let her function. Do you happen to have any idea where we could find some?”

“There’s definitely folk in the Guild who deal in that kind of stuff, but not Leonard Flame,” Spade replies. “I don’t have specific information, though. At least, not about anyone in town, but I doubt you want to hop on a horse to Veldia for it.”

“As it happens, I do have more specific information than that,” Badger says. “One of my contacts keeps an eye on the darkwood trade. Told me that a man and a woman with ties to dealers have been meeting with Martin Redlake lately.”

“And this Martin Redlake would be,” you ask, trying to sound ignorant. Of course, you’d heard of him in your youth, but you also know he’s got a supply of the stuff and you’re going to find it tonight.

“Owns a brewing company. I believe they’re making the sacred wine for the festival tonight,” Badger replies.

“Hold on. Redlake’s tight with Emil Drake,” Spade says. “And Drake’s been going after the darkwood trade hard. That’s the main reason I don’t know any specifics, usually by the time I get info on someone, Drake’s already grabbed ’em.”

“My source is well aware. The whole reason he’s watching is to work out where Drake’s attention is going to be. He did say that he couldn’t prove there was a deal, but he certainly suspected something was up.”

“It’s a lead, I suppose,” you reply. “Thank you.”

“Hang on,” Minnie says. Apparently she followed you out at some point. “If this Drake’s been busting up the darkwood trade, seems we should be talking to him. It’s not easy to destroy that stuff, so he’s probably keeping the confiscated stuff somewhere.”

“I wouldn’t recommend that,” Spade says. “He’s a nasty piece of work. Ambitious as hell, and crafty too. And he’s definitely got Guild ties, but not to our group.”

“Sure, but what we’ve got on Redlake is thin. Drake’s for sure going to know something about where we can get some,” Minnie points out. “And we need the stuff, so I’m more inclined to go for the sure thing. Even if it’s risky.”

She has a point, but unfortunately the future you remember involves investigating Redlake. So you’ll need to make a more convincing case.

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  1. Drake’s publicly interested in keeping darkwood *out* of people’s hands, off the streets. Is unlikely that he’ll share illicit goods with strangers. He’s more likely to actively oppose us than someone whose side business is to sell or distribute the stuff. Besides, if Redlake is busy with preparations for the festival, he may be less attentive to his darkwood supplies, should we need to resort to less direct and sociable means of accessing them.

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