Swamped Chapter 150 Page 10

“She had an idea for a safer way of resolving her problem. Get a decent supply of darkwood, and set up an ether flow into it, and the forbidden ether goes in there without the need for more direct manipulation, which is where all the risks come in.”

“The downside to that is, it doesn’t get rid of the forbidden ether itself,” you muse. “Instead we’ve got a dangerous piece of darkwood lying around. On the other hand, I suppose there’s no reason we couldn’t conduct a ritual on that instead, and we’ve got Marian available to do it.”

“Yeah. Probably our best shot,” Minnie agrees. “Assuming we can find the darkwood, that is.”

Well, you’ve been remembering¬†where you’re going to find darkwood tonight for hours now – at Redlake’s brewery. This has just reminded you of why.

The problem is, from a present perspective you’ve got no reason to suggest it. So you’ll need to make a suggestion that can lead there instead.

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