Swamped Chapter 150 Page 9

The first thing you do is open the window. No sense letting it get even more damaged.

The next thing you do is grab Mortimer, since you’ve put him in enough trouble already. As you do, you take off your coat and put it over the frame. A moment later, the bird comes flying through, and you’ve got it caught in the coat.

And it’s putting up quite the fight in there. Well, it’s not as if you’ve had time to get attached to the coat. Unfortunate for anyone who might like to use it after you leave this time period, though.

But your more pressing concern is what the bird will do if it escapes the coat. And what the wizard will do if he figures out where his pet is and that someone’s interfering with it.

After some thought, you turn the bird in the direction of the window, and just let it go, with the coat still over it. It flies out awkwardly. That should be disruptive enough, without giving the wizard a clear sense of what happened or who did it.

It does mean you’ll be a bit chilly if you go out again, but you can deal with that. You take Mortimer back down and return to Marian’s room.

“Dealt with it as best I can,” you say, breathing heavily. “Is there anything else to deal with?”

“Marian says she doesn’t have anything to add,” Minnie replies. “She asked me to cut off the spell. Although, she did say one more thing first.”

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