Swamped Chapter 150 Page 6

“Well, I have reason to believe Nual is especially concerned about Goan,” you say. “And he’s linked to Brume, which could provide him additional power to draw on. So I suppose the place to start would be talking to one of his priests…”

You pause to gather your thoughts, but in the silence, you suddenly hear what sounds like a bird squawking. But it’s not a bird that you’re familiar with – and you don’t think this one is a human making a signal.

“What’s that sound?” you ask. “I don’t think it’s a local bird…”

“Oh hells,” Minnie suddenly says in Marian’s voice. “I know that squawk. It belongs to a particular bird, the pet of a particular wizard. One who I’m in no state to face, and if you’re not able to cast spells directly, I don’t know that you are either.”

“And I’m not exactly used to magic,” Minnie says with her own voice.

“Oh. Oh hells.” Marian’s voice says suddenly. “The bird can sense active ether. It’s not a huge problem to cut the voice spell, I’ve already told you the most important thing. But the forbidden magic is another matter entirely. I don’t think we can hide that.”

“Then I suppose we’re going to need a plan,” you say, thinking quickly.

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