Swamped Chapter 150 Page 4

“You know the story, I’m sure, that the gods are made of ether,” she continues. “The story the various churches don’t like to tell. Well, the forbidden spell I’m stuck in is, as far as I can tell, the very spell that makes that possible. If you do things wrong, you’ll create a god – except, it will be an incomplete one. The actual gods are made of all forms of ether, you’d just have one made of earth and wind.”

“So, what does that mean?” you ask.

“A long time ago, it wouldn’t have meant anything. The god would just fade away, unable to support its own existence,” she says. “But things are different now. Goan would be able to manifest into the incomplete god, and who knows what might happen then.”

That’s definitely worrying… and yet, you can’t help but wonder.

“Does that mean we could set a trap for Goan?” you ask.

“You would be creating a connection to the physical world that it could use,” Marian’s voice explains. “It would be able to act as though it still had its domain from the moment it arrived. You’d need a trap that could hold a mature god, and I doubt you could make one.”

“…Hold it,” says Minnie in her own voice. “Now, maybe I’m just talking nonsense, but wouldn’t that only apply if we created the god in this world? What if we could somehow do it in another world, but still lure Goan in?”

There’s a pause before she starts talking again.

“Theoretically possible, but exceptionally difficult,” she says after a while. “Setting aside the question of how you’d even get to another world in the first place, you’d need to be able to connect Goan to it, and yet at the same time not have anything present it could exert power on.”

You can already tell this conversation is getting out of hand, which is partially your fault.

“Well,” you conclude. “Since we’re probably not going to do that, do you have any advice on how we can prevent a god from forming?”

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  1. You’d need a significant ether sink to serve as flux for the forging, such that the intermingling reagents retain their balanced crystalline lattice and the final product does not “collapse” into a godling. You might otherwise appeal to divine intervention.

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