Swamped Chapter 150 Page 1

“They hide numbers in the riddles somehow,” he continues. “Then you’re supposed to put the number in the answer to make it the real answer. So if the riddle hints at ‘a snake’ and the number three is hidden in it, you’re supposed to answer ‘three snakes’. Don’t know if that’s important here, but it could be.”

“Thanks,” Minnie says. “I guess that’s all. Sorry for the delay, let’s get you to the patient.”

You actually aren’t sure how much help you can be, but you at least have knowledge of ether. Minnie leads you in, to the bed where the unconscious woman is.

Or rather, she’s somehow both unconscious and conscious at the same time, if you understand things correctly. As someone who’s still recovering from experiencing past, present, and future simultaneously, you think you can relate a little bit.

As you approach, she speaks, without actually waking up.

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