Swamped Chapter 149 Page 18

“You know how actors play the gods in shows?” Mina asks. “Churches do the same thing, except the actors are priests. So the opening ceremony of the festival has church-sanctioned actors playing Nual and Brume.”

“Where’s this going?” you ask.

“They play the roles in masks. Nobody outside of the top priests is supposed to know who the actors even are,” she continues. “And yet, the actor who’s to play Nual was attacked this morning. The attack failed completely and the would-be assassin was caught, but there was a note on them which mentioned the role of Nual. So naturally the church is in an uproar over where the leak was.”

“But it’s a strange request to even make,” you note. “You’re right, it probably does have to do with the sabotage. Only other explanation I can even think of is if somebody else was passed over for the role and got jealous, but even then, an assassin’s a bit much.”

“Yeah, plus anybody who could hire an assassin could probably have bribed their way into the role,” Bert muses.

“Well, the town guard has the assassin in custody, awaiting trial,” Mina says. “That’s what I heard, anyways.”

They probably don’t know much about their employer’s motives, but it’s worth a visit if you can find the time.

“Thanks. That might just get this investigation going somewhere.”

And with that, you run off to find the priests.

You’re now the wizard. You and Minnie have exchanged most of what you know, though you’ve left out the parts that involve time travel.

You’re still mulling over all of it as you arrive at the hostel. You vaguely remember the young man outside Minnie introduces as Elliot – you don’t think you ever talked with him, but you do recall seeing him somewhere. Not that it’s likely to matter right now.

She’s asking him about a riddle – something written strangely in a book, apparently.

“Never heard that specific riddle, but Ma did teach me a couple like it,” he says. “She said there’s actually an extra little trick that a lot of Theletian riddles use.”

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