Swamped Chapter 149 Page 16

“It’s not necessarily well-hidden,” you reply. “Drake’s got civic authority. He doesn’t haveĀ religious authority, and he can’t just bully the church without picking a big fight. And Redlake’s making wine for the festival.”

“So hide the darkwood among the consecrated wine, nobody’s going to dare look for it there,” Mina says. “Hmm. Makes more sense if he’s handing it off, though. Our info suggested he was using it.”

“Maybe it’s a temporary hiding place,” says Bert. “If he’s that afraid, he’d move it from place to place if he thought Drake or somebody else was getting too close. Or, maybe he’s decided that the business he’s getting from it isn’t worth the risk any more, so he’s trying to dump it off on somebody else. Maybe even tip off Drake to stay on his good side.”

“Whatever the reason, searching for it amongst the wine isn’t going to be simple,” Mina mutters. “There’s a lot of eyes on it.”

“But probably only a small number authorized to handle it once it’s in the casks,” you muse. “Doesn’t seem like something you’d let just anyone do.”

“You sound like you’ve got an idea,” Bert says. “Care to share?”

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  1. I happen to know some priests who could help us out. Including one super shady one who just got back from a long voyage.

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